Budget-Friendly Curb Appeal Updates

Are you looking for budget-friendly and quick updates that make for amazing curb appeal? Then you came to the right place! With our top six tips, you can have your neighborhood’s best-looking home in no time. Let’s take a look! 

Budget-Friendly Curb Appeal Updates:

1. Fresh Coat of Paint.

Oh, the vast wonders that a can of paint can do. Not only is paint valuable on the inside of your home but it can immensely impact your outdoor area and ultimately, increase your curb appeal. For easy and budget-friendly updates, we recommend repainting items like your front door and window shutters, especially if they are in good condition. A simple coat of paint can bring your home back to life. It will help spruce up any unsightly marks and renews the appearance of your home’s exterior. 

2. Updated Hardware

The next step would be to replace outdated hardware like your door handles and house numbers. You will want to replace your door handles once you repaint your door to ensure no paint drips onto your new hardware. Also, it is important to replace house numbers because it is the first thing that guest will see when they come to your home. If you think about it, when you go to a location for the first time, you are essentially looking for their house numbers and in essence, directly at them. That is why you will want to replace rusted or worn-down house numbers with a more trendy set. 

3. New Mailbox

Another simple tip is to replace your current mailbox. An outdated mailbox can bring down your curb appeal without you even realizing it. Luckily, replacing your mailbox can be inexpensive and a quick fix.

4. Plant Flowers & Trees.

There is nothing better than a little nature for a gorgeous, colorful addition to your home’s exteriors. Try to incorporate some plants throughout your front yard for a little bit of greenery and beauty. 

5. Upgrade Exterior Lights.

Not only can exterior lights help with safety and security but they can also help your home look better during the nighttime. Plus, you may find it helpful to add a couple of lights surrounding your walkway to help you get to and from your home during the night.

6. Maintenance & Upkeep

Maintenance is an essential part to curb appeal. Without proper upkeep, your yard could become messy and undesirable. Be sure to mow your lawn, rake away leaves, and sweep away debris from your sidewalk to keep your home’s exterior in tip-top shape. 

We hope you enjoyed these tips and tricks and that your home becomes your neighborhood’s shining star. Be sure to check back weekly for more design and decorating advice.