Expert Bathroom Renovation Tips

In the housing market, bathrooms are considered one of the buyer’s top priorities. Even if you are not selling, bathrooms are an essential part of the home. To help with renovation basics, we have created a simple guide with expert tips. Let’s get started! 

Expert Bathroom Renovation Tips:  

1. Built-Ins. 

Built-ins were definitely a trend of the past but they are making their way back into the remodeling game. Built-in’s can be considered a huge bonus in bathrooms because of their extra storage. If you renovating your bathroom, ask your contractor if it would be wise to add some built-in units. From extra shelving to a medicine cabinet, built-in units can be a total game changer. 

2. Color.

Before the renovation, you want to take a look at all other the color palette options. We recommend keeping the palette light to create a relaxing, breezy feel. For bathroom remodels, you will ideally want to set the tone with color. Lighter colors will help to keep the space tranquil and stress-free. 

3. Lights.

Lighting can be one of the most important and commonly overlooked aspects of a bathroom. Be sure that you add the proper amount of lighting inside of the bathroom. You want to be able to see during a morning shave or while putting on makeup. That being said, we recommend that you also add a dimming effect. This can help set the tone of relaxation after a long, stressful day. 

4. Fixtures. 

If your fixtures are outdated, it is time for an upgrade. Sleek fixtures can help tie together an entire room; therefore, you want to be sure that you swap out your old ones. 

5. Storage.

Struggling to find space in your bathroom can be frustrating. Be sure to add extra storage, hooks, and bars to your bathroom to avoid any unwanted frustration. 

6. Mirrors.

Mirrors are not solely for looking at yourself. They also add a design aspect to the entire room. Since the mirror itself can cost a lot of money, use your current mirror and replace the frame around it. This will help save money within your budget while updating your out-dated items. 

7. Floors. 

We believe flooring can be an important aspect in a bathroom. From added luxury with heated floors to a breath-taking backsplash with gorgeous tiles, your bathroom can be completely transformed with the perfect flooring. 

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