Filling Blank Walls (When paint is not an option)

Whether you are renting your home or simply afraid to commit to something, filling your bare walls without the use of paint becomes quite the challenge. There are many different ways for various budgets on how to dress up the walls in your home. That is where we come in to help. Check out these effortless ways for decorating the walls without using paint.
Filling Blank Walls (When paint is not an option): 
  • Semi-Permanent Wallpaper
When it comes to wallpaper, you either love it or hate it; however, modern wallpaper is chic, and it can add color, interest, and design into any room. For a semi-permanent look, consider peel and stick wallpaper, which is easy to install and less permanent than traditional wallpaper. You can easily remove it when you want. 
Ultimately, wallpaper as an accent piece can be used to pull together the entire theme of the space. You can use wallpaper in every room or use it to make an accent wall.
  • Tapestry
Wall tapestry is a unique way to decorate your walls because you can use it to tell a story. During ancient times, tapestries were made by weavers who created patterns, portraits, and historical scenes through them. You can select a tapestry that features a bohemian or more creative design; it is all according to your preferences. You can hang it above a piece of furniture or in a wall nook; the options are endless.
  • Floating Shelves with Your Fave Knick Knacks
For wall decor that is both functional and stylish, you can install a few floating shelves on your wall and curate your accessories. You can mount the brackets on the wall or have them fastened into the wall. While there is no wrong or right way to arrange accessories on the wall, in order to give it that true designer look, be sure to give each item some space between them. When picking out items, choose some things that compliment the color palette used within the room.
  • Wall Decals
Wall decals are fun and they are a temporary way to liven up a monotone space. From full wall murals to customized decals, there are a plethora of options. Decals are especially great for creating a fun vibe in a child’s room. Decals, when installed indoors, can last indefinitely but can be easily removed.
How do you dress up your blank walls? We would love to know! Be sure to tell us in the comment section.