Finding Storage

While searching for a home, storage can be a key component in the decision-making process. An ideal home will offer a plethora of cabinets, shelving, and storage areas. But during the home search, you may have to compromise on less storage for other items on your must-have list. If you are struggling to find storage, do not worry because we have five solutions for finding extra storage in your home!  

Five Storage Ideas: 

1. Headboard.

Your bed’s headboard can be the perfect place for extra storage. You can use a bookcase as a headboard for an instant solution or you can build something more your style. You can even add baskets or decorative boxes on the bookcase to keep things tidy and accessible at a moment’s notice. 

2. Coffee Table.

Do not let this perfect storage opportunity pass you by whileyou are shopping for furniture. Make sure to buy a coffee table that is full of extra storage. Many homeowners use their coffee table’s storage as an opportunity to store their blankets, magazines, remotes, and DVD’s. 

3. Bathroom Mirror.

The bathroom mirror is the perfect place for extra storage. If your bathroom is lacking storage, add in a mirror that opens up to an area of hidden storage. You will find that this hidden storage is perfect for hiding items like toothpaste, brushes, and other bathroom essentials. 

4. Underneath Your Bed.

If the underneath of your bed is an open space, fill it with baskets, bins or drawers. Utilize this space for all of your non-essential items like out-of-season clothing or extra blankets. 

5. Door Organizer.

The doors on your cabinets have the potential to add more storage. You can purchase a door organizer to take advantage of the extra space. Try add door organizers on your bathroom and garage doors for storing items. 

6. Containers.

To keep things organized and neat, you can use plastic containers with lids. The containers can help you organize and store your belongings without compromising too much space. 

Pro-Tip: Make sure to label the outside of your containers. This will help you find what you are looking for when you are in a crunch for time. 

We hope you enjoyed these quick and easy solutions! Let us know what you think in the comment section.