Tips & Tricks for a Small Backyard

Want the backyard of your dreams, but lack the space? For families that living in small spaces, it can be a challenge to enjoy a tiny outdoor space. So how can you stretch a little square footage into a space that rivals the magazines? We are going to show you inexpensive ways to maximize limited outdoor space. Let’s take a look! 
1. Take Advantage of the View. 
When arranging your outdoor furniture, you need to capture the widest point of view; therefore, you will need to avoid positioning your furnishing against the house, especially if plants, a fence, or other elements are obscuring the view. Find out what areas in the yard allow for a clear view of the length of your backyard.
2. Limit Your Planting.
Since you want to fully enjoy your backyard retreat, you do not want to place too much emphasis on plant life. Sometimes a garden can take up too much space in your backyard. Opt for a few low-maintenance potted or container plants that are a few inches tall. They can be easily moved so that they do not obscure the view, but still, fulfill your need for the wildlife.
3. Small Scale Furniture.
When shopping for outdoor furniture, you should lean more towards smaller-scaled furniture for a small backyard. Pick out pieces that feature thin frames and petite seating areas. For example, round bistro-style tables and chairs are perfect for a tiny backyard. Invest in furniture that is multifunctional. Tables that serve as seating options and ottoman style tables that allow you to store items can be a perfect choice! 
4. Furnishing Needs.
You will need to consider your furnishing needs before making the final decision. Elaborate outdoor furniture may look stylish but is it ideal for your lifestyle? If you do not plan on entertaining guests, you may be best suited with modest, simple type of furnishing.
5. Simple Color Palette.
Keep it simple when coordinating colors for your outdoor living space. Implementing too many different types of accents, colors and plants will make the space look chaotic and disorganized. Choose a couple of your favorite colors, make sure that they harmonize with one another and add in accessories that embrace the palette.
Check back weekly for more design tips and tricks! Thanks for reading.