Three Lessons to Learn from Choosing Color

If we have learned anything about using color in the last few years, it is that it can be good to embrace bold and vibrant hues. Color often gets a bad reputation in interior design but it can be used to accent or to simply add a stylish twist to a space. Contrary to popular belief, embracing color does not mean that your home has to look like the rainbow. From neon to deep dark hues, color embodies both vibrant and muted tones. Whether you enjoy color or you tend to avoid it, here are some lessons that you can take away from using color in your home design.
Three Lessons to Learn from Choosing Color: 

Lesson # 1: There Are No Rules for Pairing Colors.
This sound may sound ludicrous but there are literally no rules when it comes to combining or pairing colors together in your decor. All colors go together provided it is in the right context. You may be surprised at how beautifully pale and muted colors can successfully harmonize with both deep and vibrant colors. When deciding what colors to pair together, you should first decide what type of mood you want to set. Pastel colors are soft and give off a playful feel. Vibrant and bold hues are invigorating and create a sense of warmth while neutral tones are calming. Pairing multiple colors together in one room allows you to create many different feelings within a single space.
Lesson # 2: Embrace Dark Colors.
Do not be quick to rule out dark hues, especially on the walls. Rich and dark colors will not necessarily make a room feel like you are living inside of a cave. Instead, think of how using such hues can make the room feel warm and dramatic. The key to successfully using dark colors is to determine what shade is the most practical and how you plan on featuring it in the room. You will also have to be mindful of how natural light enters the room and how you can add in more lighting if necessary.
Lesson # 3: Pale Colors Can Make an Impact.
Do not get twisted, even pale colors like pastels can still be used to make a statement. Pastel shades are great for individuals who want to use color in their home decor but not yet ready to take the jump. Pastels add a sense of freshness to a room and they are also soothing tones. 
What lessons have you learned from choosing colors for your interior design? We would love to know in the comment section.