What’s Your Design Style?

At first, learning and understanding your design style can be a bit of a challenge. With so many styles out there, you may feel overwhelmed by the choices. To help you narrow down your favorite, we have created a quick and fun quiz to help point you in a possible direction.  Let’s get started! 

What’s Your Design Style?

1. In a room, what intrigues you the most? 

A. Patterns and designs

B. Elegant details

C. Clean lines

D. Well-built, wooden furniture pieces 

2. If you were to explain your space in one word, how would you describe it? 

A. Fun

B. Classic

C. Sleek

D. Charming

3. When looking for a home, what are the features you want? 

A. Colorful design pieces

B. Beautiful finishes and details 

C. A clean contemporary look 

D. Dark wooden features and columns 

4. If you were to travel to one place, where would you choose?

A. Argentina

B. France

C. New York City

D. Coastal Italy  

Before you look at your results, just remember that the end results are not set in stone or an exact science. This is a fun way for you to get an idea of what you like. Remember, you can, of course, mix design styles to create one that is more personalized to you. 


Quiz Results:

Mostly A’s: Eclectic. 

With a heavy focus on patterns, textures, and colors, eclectic is a popping design with a lot of character. It utilizes various colors and patterns to create an interesting contrast.

Mostly B’s: Traditional. 

Based around the 18th century English and 19th-century French country, a traditional style uses classic finishes, muted tones, and simple patterns to create a well-balanced look. 

Mostly C’s: Modern.

Capitalizing on minimalism, modern style uses clean, sleek lines in to create a well-polished look. The color scheme is typically neutral with geometric shapes featured throughout the space.

Mostly D’s: Mediterranean. 

Borrowing pieces from the coastal areas of European countries like Italy and Spain, a Mediterranean design features dark woods and thick fabrics to create a sturdy design.