2018 Color of The Year



What is Color?

Color is how we perceive an aspect of an element determined by how it interacts with light.   There are three properties which define color.  The hue which lets us identify red from blue and yellow from green, the intensity which allows us to interpret how vivid we see the color and lastly, the value helps us see shades and different versions of colors.  Colors make up the world around us and can strongly influence emotions, decisions, and how we perceived the environment but did you know there is a color of the year?

Who Decides the Color of The Year?

Leatrice Eiseman is the executive director of the Pantone Color Institute and is highly recognized by those affiliated with the substantial brand fashion and marketing industry.  She has been put in charge of a committee of color experts which travel internationally to discover what the next years up and coming color will be.  When Eiseman and her committee determine the most important color of the year and announce it, many large industries like Ikea, Sephora, Microsoft, Banana Republic and others will release brands and trends capitalizing on this trend.

What is the Color of The Year?  

Pantone Color Institute is recognized as the foremost leading source of obtaining information on colors and forecasting color trends.  Pantone Color Institute has Eiseman travel the world to observe the latest fashion trends, celebrity wardrobes, and, marketing endeavors so she can determine what color will impact the upcoming color campaign.  Greenery strongly influenced last year’s color.  This year, however, is the year of UltraViolet.

Background on UltraViolet

Every color has a generally recognized feel to them.  Being on the farthest end of the color spectrum, UltraViolet has been linked to mysterious and spiritual feelings.  It is a vivid color that intrigues the use of our creative imagination.  With today’s world being so chaotic and pushing boundaries of social connections, this color hosts a mindful refuge with it cool, tranquil vibes.  Violet has been associated with dignity and wisdom and is a color which strongly suggests the vision of the future.

Now that you are familiar with the color of the year see if you see it in more marketing this year.  You will be surprised by how influential the color of the year really can be in today society.  UltraViolet shows the mystery but creativity of our world rapidly revolutionizing today.