Wall Art

Adding a painting to a bare wall is usually the first trick that comes to mind, but there are so many kinds of wall art that you can use to help modify your space. Wall art can be anything from three-dimensional wall décor to wall sculptures or even mirror sculptures. Adding wall art to your place is a creative way to enhance up your room’s aesthetic. Consider these three different kinds of wall art as an alternative to hanging a picture:
  • Abstract Sculptures
There is a broad spectrum of different abstract pieces you can put on your walls. From metal three-dimension art to colorful trippy art, there are so many kinds of abstract designed sculptures you can add to your walls. Papier Mache wall art can give a nice pop to your walls and is very stylish. These are great options to add over a headboard or even a couch as a focal point in the room.
  • Mirror Art and Mirror Sculptures
Mirror art is a great way to keep the room feeling open and bright by allowing the art to serve a dual purpose. Different kinds of mirror art can help you personalize it towards your specific design style. Consider mirrors cut into falling leaves to be applied sporadically to your wall or a giant conglomerate of mirrors facing different directions to add a contemporary look.
  • Vinyl Designs and Murals
Vinyl designs are a great way to personalize your room. With such a vast variety to choose from you can find exactly what you want to have in your place. Vinyl can add character to your walls and develop your room into what you desire quickly while being cost-friendly.
Different varieties of wall art can spruce up your environment and have it feel unique and fresh. Do not limit yourself to just mundane pictures without exploring all the different options available to enhance your walls. Try to find different pieces and art that best amplify your personal design style and your space’s atmosphere.