Curb Appeal 101

Curb appeal is your home’s first impression to the public. Not everyone will have the pleasure of coming into your home, but many people will have the opportunity to see your home’s exterior. Your curb appeal should never be neglected in your overall home’s design. The exterior of your home has just as much influence on the home’s overall feel as the interior. To make sure that you are giving your exterior the proper attention, we made a list of four curb appeal tips that you cannot neglect!
Curb Appeal 101: 
  • Lawn
Your lawn is one of the most significant contributing factors to your curb appeal. Lawn maintenance is key to making your curb appeal better. This goes further than just mowing your grass or raking leaves. Keep your shrubs trimmed, and your trees hedged. If you have a flower garden, make sure it is well kept. Try to dedicate at least one day a week to lawn maintenance to prevent it from becoming an overwhelming project and to keep up on it.
  • Entranceway
Your main entrance is the gateway to your home. It needs to be easily accessible whether by pathway or sidewalk. Your door can make a great statement towards your overall curb appeal. If your front entry is worn down or outdated, you may want to consider refurbishing your door or replacing it all together. Symmetry can help create balance in your entrance. You may want to invest in plants or a welcoming mat to decorate your home’s front entrance.
  • Windows
Windows also play a significant role in your curb appeal. Not only do you want to upgrade your windows for economic reasons but aesthetic reasons as well. Pay close attention to what people can see when looking through your windows from the curbs. If you keep the inside of your home messy but it can be seen from the road, this can hurt your curb appeal as well. Try to get matching curtains for your whole house as well or pay attention to the colors to show your keen eye for detail.
Adding curb appeal is essential to your home’s design and overall look. Remember to invest time into lawn maintenance and keep your curb appeal strong. For more great tip and tricks visit us at From The Floors Up