Farmhouse Style

Personalization is one of the best parts of designing your space. You can create your home featuring many different aspects including pieces from contemporary art, eclectic colors, or even a simple rustic design. Letting your living environment influence your design is another creative way of developing your design theme. Urban and industrial designs work great in city lofts and other more city-based areas; however, if you are living in the country, embracing farmhouse decorating is a great way to have your environment blend with your natural surroundings to create a beautiful, welcoming environment. Here are four great ways to add Farmhouse Design in your own home to give it a more natural, countryside appeal:
Rustic Design
Rustic design is perfect because of its simplistic design elements and its effortless ability to blend with nature. Adding exposed wooden beams, shiplap, bricks, stones and other features from the outdoors is a great way to add character to your farmhouse decor. Distressed furniture and leathers also can strongly influence the Rustic Style design.
Warmth and Hygge
Hygge is the quality of coziness your home portrays. It is not necessarily through just furnishing but a statement of peace and contentment in your home. A rustic design will have a neutral, earthy color palette, but do not limit yourself to bring warm color tones from the earth; consider using your accent pieces as earthy tones and incorporating bright whites to keep the room feeling open and free. Add autumn colors like reds, oranges, and yellows to bring warmth to your space, or capture a more tranquil environment by including forest greens and river blues.
Countryside Décor
Encapsulate the beauty of the countryside by adding farm décor. Pitchforks, hay, barn doors, and even pales can add to your home’s theme. Gallery walls are also great add-ons for rooms to make a distinctive focal point. Less is more in most rustic designs, but in farmhouse style, use the appropriate amount of décor to make the space feel lived-in and homey like an actual farm. 
Functionality is always critical to any design, but comfort, warmth, and a welcoming environment take precedence in this homey country-style living. Remember to keep your space balance with the right amount of décor and comfort. Smaller elements like candles and home-cooked meals add to this welcoming style. Incorporate aspects of Hygge to create that lovely warm and comfortable styled Farmhouse. 
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