How Light Affects Paint Color

If you are painting your home, lighting is crucial when you are choosing the colors. You will need actually to consider the direction the room faces and if it has a lot of natural light that floods the room. Paint colors will vary according to the quality and type of natural light, and the color can appear very different from room to room. Also, at different times of day, and the time of year will also impact the color of a room. We understand that these factors can make choosing colors more difficult and confusing, so we have listed some useful tips for you. Let’s take a look! 
  • Rooms That Face North: 

North-facing rooms can be challenging to try and decorate because the light from the north is considered “cooler” and more intense. This can make it difficult to create the look and feel of an airy, light space that we love. If you have a small area with very little natural light, our advice is not to fight it, instead embrace the darkness of the room with a cozy and dramatic interior. Please note that light from the north will bring out cooler tones of a color. If you are using a lighter toned paint color, we recommend staying away from greens and grays. If you use butter tones or whites hues as a paint color, it will bring out cooler tones of a color and will make the light bounce around the room making the room appear brighter. Also, we recommend decorating with mirrors to reflect the light in the room and create a more open space. 

  • Rooms That Face South:

Decorating and painting south-facing rooms is a pure delight! These rooms are full of warm light all day, and all colors look fabulous in south-facing rooms. By choosing pale tones, you can maximize the feeling of light and space in a room. You can use blues and pale tones to have that coastal feel or neutrals that are red-based to create a warmer look and feel. To make your south-facing rooms pop, finish the trim off in a bright white color. 

  • Rooms That Face West:

Choose a beautiful white for a west-facing room. Whites are natural reflectors of light and compliment any color of furnishings you may have. Also, white will enhance both natural and artificial light in a west facing room. Try a grey neutral for a feeling of openness, but understand that the color will be cooler in the mornings and warmer in the evenings.

  • Rooms That Face East:

You must be careful when working with east-facing rooms. The light can look like it is a little blue, so work with this theory and choose blue and green paint colors. Because the sun’s direction during the day will change, it is best to paint the woodwork a darker tone of blue or green. This works because the lighter colored walls will make for an excellent contrast color. 

We hope that you found this article helpful. Be sure to check back weekly for more tips and tricks for homeowners.