Design Styles That Stood The Test of Time

In today‚Äôs broad spectrum of design themes and ideas, it is no surprise that most of their roots have been inspired and transformed throughout history. Interior design is an ever-changing approach to incorporate functionality, aesthetics, purpose, and detail into a space. Through the centuries, old design themes have dynamically morphed into more contemporary and modern designs while still paying respect to there predecessors. Here are four longstanding style designs that have survived the test of time and are even a go-to in many design themes today. Let’s take a look!

  • Shiplap

Shiplap was an old method that shipbuilders would use when constructing a boat. By overlapping boards with one another, it helped prevent water from entering the vessel. Today, this has made its way into some of today most popular design themes. Shiplap looks great on walls and ceilings. It gives a room a unique rustic appeal and is a great option to make bare walls strong, bold focal points.

  • Brick

Brick has been dated back as far as Jericho in 8000 B.C. While there are many different variations of bricks used today, brick can add bold character to a home. Brick is a multifunctional renovation to add to your house because it can encapsulate a natural outdoor feel while also feeling modern and urban. With so many design, textures, and colors, this is a customizable fantasy that designers love adding to their interior design. Make a strong urban accent wall or historically-rich nostalgic entryway through the use of timeless brick. Using brick on the floors, walls, and ceiling can help transform your space into many different themes and strengthen the overall atmosphere.

  • Exposed Woods

Exposed wooden beams on the ceiling and walls really showcase the architecture of your home. While this design faded away, it made a strong comeback over the last century by adding more character to the room. Industrial, Rustic, Mediterranean, French, and Country style themes all know the importance of exposing timber throughout the home. Raw nature is always the purest way of adding beauty to your home. Using exposed beams add a visually-appealing aesthetic to a space that is ideal for a fresh, carefree ambiance.

  • Edison Bulbs

This antique, decorative light bulb can add a great look to your home. With its yellow blanketing, soft glow illuminating your home, these will make a great addition to any room. These light bulbs may be little but can make a powerful statement in your home and help push your design to the next level. Never underestimate the power that light can have on the ambiance of your space. Consider adding Edison Bulbs to a home to give a more antique look.

When it comes to the test of time, these timeless design amenities will transform your home. From the floor up to the ceiling, design is a way of expressing yourself. Consider these beautiful elements to help make your home feel more personalized and expressive to you while giving respect to the past. For more great tips and tricks, visit us at From The Floors Up.