The Minimalistic Approach to a Small Apartment

Are you intrigued by a minimalist’s lifestyle? You can now incorporate their ideas into your small space for happy living. Let’s take a look and see how! 

The Minimalistic Approach to a Small Apartment

1. Countertop Chaos

If you were to step into a minimalist’s home or apartment, you would immediately notice the cleaned off countertops. In order to master minimalism, you have to embrace its qualities all throughout your space, and that begins with your countertops. Countertop chaos can be a bit of an eyesore and ultimately take away from the room’s simplicity. If you are worried about storage, you can install wall shelves to place your countertop items in a more clean and concise place. 

2. Let’s Talk Lighting

Lighting is your chance to get artsy and creative. Minimalists pride their space’s appearance off of the trendy yet straightforward statement pieces they have throughout their space. Lighting can be an excellent chance for you to embrace this artistic side of yourself. 

3. Matchy, Matchy

Symmetry is key in a minimalist’s space. Balance helps to create clean lines and modern appeal. For help creating it, you can visually cut the room in half and begin replicating the same items on each side of the “cut line.” 

4. Pro Plants

Plants can play an essential role in your decor. Their placement can be vital in your room’s overall design. You want to have plants to add life and freshness to the space, but you do not want to have too many that it becomes overbearing visually. 

5. Simplistic Wall Decor.

Just because you are trying to be minimalistic, does not mean that you cannot have wall art. If you decide to do something like a gallery wall, you want it to be clean and simple. If you are placing wall decor throughout your apartment, opt for bigger pieces so that you only need one or two in a whole room. 

6. Explore The Vintage World.

Minimalists love vintage and rustic goods. They keep their decor simple with trendy pieces to help bring back life to the space. If you are new to vintage goods, explore your local antique or thrift shop for inspiration. 

7. Be Unique

Minimizing the items you own gives you more room to be creative with the ones you still have. Get unique with your design and incorporate simple yet intriguing pieces wherever possible. 

8. Patterns are A-Ok

Some people think that minimalism means no patterns, but that is no fun! You can incorporate patterns in your bedspread or throw pillows to help bring spunk to your space. This helps dress up the room without overbearing it. 

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