Tips for Decorating with Kids in Mind

Having children does not have to stop us from owning a stylish home!
We will show you how to achieve a child-friendly, gorgeous home with our top four expert tips and tricks. Let’s take a look!
Tips for Decorating with Kids in Mind: 
  • Coffee & End Tables: 
Are you looking for a new coffee table or end table? Avoid tables with pointy corners and anything made out of chrome or glass. You must think about the little ones learning to walk and cruising around, pulling up and holding on to tables. You will want to think about long-lasting furniture pieces, and tables and storage units that feature soft, round corners and edges. Also, think about surfaces that are easily cleaned like melamine or wood veneers. Furniture finishes like chrome can show your little one’s fingerprints, whereas other materials may be more child-friendly. 
  • Functional Pieces:
Be on the lookout for pieces that serve a storage purpose as well as a practical purpose. What about a soft, fabric ottoman type coffee table that the lid lifts off and features extra storage inside? Storage pieces with baskets for shelving and cupboards with many storage doors underneath are excellent choices for families of all sizes. 
  • Style and Substance:
You do not have to forget about your style and personality when you have a family. Depending on your style whether it is modern, industrial, contemporary, traditional or transitional, they all can work well with families from small children to teenagers. If your children are babies and toddlers, you can still decorate with ultra-chic stylish pieces; you will just need to be practical for your children.
  • Fabrics:
Regarding fabrics and children, you need to choose fabrics that are washable and durable like denim, canvas and leather. Also, you will want to stay away from white and cream sofas and chairs while the children are young. Regarding seating, think about bean bags as a great alternative to an elegant chair when children and teens are in the house. They will love for lounging on, or curling up to watch tv or read a book.
We are confident that following our tips and tricks will help you furnish a family-friendly home without lacking style. Thanks for reading!