Delightful Door Ideas for Your Home

In the beliefs of Feng Shui, the doorway to your home is a gateway in which energies flow into your space. Doors are essential aspects of entryways from your front door affecting your curb appeal to the style of doors used throughout your home, which help to enhance your interior design. Investing in beautiful doors throughout your home may not be your first investment to change your home, but it can help improve your design when done correctly. We gathered four doors and entryway ideas you should consider adding to your home. Let’s take a look!

Sliding Barn Door

These sliding doors look great with a ton of design styles. They add a stylish element of design to your home that is unique and functional. These sliding doors also can make normal entryways appear grander which can help in a room’s overall aesthetics. Understand that these hanging doors slide; however, and are not meant to be locked. They should not be installed in areas where privacy is desired.

Dutch Doors

Half doors or also known as Dutch doors are a creative way to have the entryway divided in half horizontally. This addition works for people with children or animals who want to create boundaries but also have the availability to keep an eye on them. This is also a classic design for kitchens and backdoors for country-style homes and rustic designs.

Hidden Room Doors

This is a fun classic door trick people have been doing for centuries that never gets old. Secret doors can be installed in many ways: mirrors, drywall, bookshelves, and many other creative tricks can make a door disappear. This does not have to be used just to hide a room but can be a great way to help turn an asymmetrical room more symmetrical.

Glass Doors

Using glass doors is a way to allow another room’s colors to affect the current space’s design. Also, mirrors and glass can allow more light to enter a room and can help small congested areas feeling more opened even with the door closed. Using glass doors inside in smaller rooms is the perfect solution to opening up a space.

Thinking outside of the box is a great way to come up with door solutions. There are so many door options available on the market today that you are guaranteed to find one that you will love. Try to find doors that amplify your interior design style. Colors, size, aesthetics, and even wood species can all come into play when finding the perfect door. Keep an open mind when exploring all the door options. For more great tips and tricks, visit us weekly at From The Floors Up.

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