How to Save Money During a Kitchen Remodel

Are you interested in remodeling your bathroom, but do not have the funds for a luxury renovation? There is no need to worry! With our eight top money-saving tips, you can remodel your bathroom on a reasonable budget. Let’s take a look!

How to Save Money During a Bathroom Remodel:

Make a Game Plan.
A massive mistake during any remodel is not going into it with a game plan. You want to assess the situation and make a plan before you start anything. By going in with a game plan, you will be aware of the costs, you will be able to set a budget for yourself, and you can leave yourself some wiggle room for any unforeseen circumstances.

Do Not Discard It All.
Bathroom essentials can add up quickly and leave homeowners with a smaller budget. Instead of repurchasing items like a brand new toilet or a glamorous mirror, try to revamp your current pieces into something new. With a toilet, you can replace the lid and seat but keep the body. With a mirror, look at the condition of your current mirror. If it is in good condition, keep the physical mirror and replace its frame. By doing these two simple fixes, you can save yourself a lot of money to splurge on other items like the floors or backsplash in the shower.

Leave The Plumbing Be. The most significant way to clear out your piggy bank is by moving around your bathroom’s plumbing. Switching your toilet to a different wall may seem like a good idea at the moment, but you will quickly realize that it is not worth the hassle, time, and funds.

Upgrade Your Vanity. A great way to save money in your bathroom is by using an antique dresser for your vanity. You can search local antique and thrift stores to find a one-of-a-kind piece that will work perfectly in your bathroom. This way, you do not have to purchase an expensive vanity, and you will be able to have a unique piece.

Incorporate Open Shelving. Believe it or not, but open shelving can actually make your room look bigger and more open. Open shelving discourages the use of bulky and overwhelming cabinets by substituting them with a clean line and welcoming storage space. Try using open-facing shelves, bookcases, and stands to create a visually appealing and accessible space.

All of The Lights. Lighting can be an effective remodeling change without breaking the bank. By incorporating more lighting, you can ultimately create a better-looking room. Lighting makes or breaks a design but luckily, adding light fixtures is not terribly expensive, and it can quickly transform your space. Just be sure that you have plenty of natural light and fixtures around the room to open it up and create a welcoming atmosphere.

Do Not Underestimate Paint. Paint can entirely change the overall feel and mood of a room. A lot of homeowners underestimate its value, but it is an inexpensive way to improve the feel of a room. Be sure to swatch your paint colors on the wall prior to application to guarantee satisfaction.

Browse Online. If you think about it, plenty of homeowners have remodeled their bathrooms. The odds are that they have extra supplies that you could use for your own remodel. Before you go to make a purchase, check online resale sites to see if anyone is selling something you need for your project.

Do you have any budget-friendly tips to share with other readers? We would love to hear your thoughts below in the comment section. Thanks for reading!

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