The ABC’s of Design | A-D



There are a variety of things to learn about interior design and the many skills that come with making a home just right.  We made a simple ABC formula of rules and guidelines to help assist you on your journey of creating your perfect home. Let’s take a look!

A | Aesthetics

Your primary purpose in a designing your space should be creating an aesthetically pleasing environment.  Your room’s aesthetics is how you and others visually perceive your space’s look.  There are underlining philosophical characteristics which concern how people interpret a room’s beauty, artistic styles, and even as far as the mood the room sets.  Some of these rules below are some strong characteristics which help encapsulate your room’s overall aesthetic appeal. 

B | Balance

There are three main types of balances incorporated into interior design.  The first is a formal or symmetrical style of balance.  Rooms that are a “mirror image of each side of the room” use this design principle.  Informal or asymmetrical balance is rooms utilizing the freedom of not corresponding furniture or design.  This allows a room to use different contemporary furnishings, diagonal floor patterns, and noncorresponding decor.  The thirds style is radial, which is usually the least common in residential design.  This is where the room’s focal point is centered in the room and the room mirrors around this midpoint.  This can be used in a room with a round table in the dining rooms or a classic circular fire pit installed in your backyard.

C | Cool Tones

Colors can influence how a room feels.  Cooler tones like blues, greens, and purples can give a room a more laid-back, relaxing feel, whereas reds, oranges, and yellows are known to provide a cozy, warm look. Using colors in your design will help govern the way a room portrays itself.  

D | Decor

Using decor is a powerful tool to use to help strengthen your room’s theme.  Finding pictures, ornamentations, and themed furnishing can quickly give your room a sense of unity.  Decor is a way to make sure that no part of your room lags your theme.  With endless options of decor to add to your home, this is one of the most powerful tools you can use to add customization and personality to your home.

These simple but influential tactics can help you with your next design project.  Do not be intimidated by expressing yourself through design.  The more you know, the more you can use to influence the style of your home. Check out part two to find out more ways to incorporate design tactics in your home.