The ABC’s of Design | E-H



Learning different tricks and tips to use in your design theme is essential. Check out these different ABC methods to try using in your home for a more personal experience with your design. Let’s take a look!
E | Engagement
Your design should go beyond the visual appearance.  Your atmosphere’s level of engagement can quickly influence how you or your guests feel in a home.  Think of all your senses.  Your home should have textures to help engage with your sense of touch. Candles and scents are strong attributes to add to your home which can also help with the level of engagement for your company.  You can even think of how one engages with sound.  How noisy an atmosphere is can put a negative connotation on the room’s vibe.  Muting unwanted sounds and adding your own sounds like music, fountains, or even television is an engagement tool that makes your design more interactive and appealing.
F | Focal Point
Adding a focal point is a great tool to use to keep your room’s theme guided.  If you make a bold wall, fireplace mantel, or a painting your focal point, you always have a reference point to look towards when adding more decor to the room.  Focal points give a spotlight on something specific in your room.  Try to pick a focal point that makes sense with the functionality of the room and allows decor to be complimentary.
G | Geometry
Sometimes, you are limited by the blueprint and layout of your home.  Understanding the geometrical layout of your space can give you a leading step on design.  Different design themes work best with hard, sleek angles, whereas other styles may work better with rounded, soft edges.  Your room’s layout, doorways, and windows can give you a leading step towards which path may be best for your design route.
H | Hygge
This Danish word is how your atmosphere sets a mood for comfort.  Your home’s coziness and comfort can reflect into your own well-being.  Mastering hygge in your home is an effective way to help focus on the simple things in life.  Not thriving for elegance, but allowing the simple things like a cozy fire, quality-time with your loved ones, and a warm blanket is a key part to mastering this technique in your home.
These elements of design can help you achieve more harmony with your home. Giving your home the power to set a mood is optimal for design. Do not limit your design to just sight but allow your other senses to enjoy the experience as well.
Be sure to check back next week for The ABC’s of Design: I-L.