Brilliant Tips for Dealing with a Bathroom Remodel

After a long decision process, you have decided to remodel your bathroom and may not know what exactly to expect. Fear not, because we have created a quick and easy guide for dealing with a bathroom remodel. Let’s take a look.

Tips for Dealing with a Bathroom Remodel:

Tip #1: Before You Begin. . .

Starting a remodel can be an exciting process, and as much as you may want to get started, we recommend waiting until all of your materials are delivered. Once you have received everything for the project, you can begin the remodel. If you start the remodel without having all of your materials on site, you may be delayed and have unforeseen events happen with your deliveries.

Tip #2: Cover Floors Attached to Your Bathroom.

In any remodel and renovation, there will be a lot of dirt, dust, and debris. While one room is undergoing a remodel, you may not want the rest of your home to resemble they same amount of dust. To help control all of those unwanted particles, we recommend covering your floors outside of your bathroom. This will help deal with all of the foot traffic and leave your home looking like a home.

Tip #3: You Will Need a New Bathroom.

During any remodel, you will need a makeshift room to take on the responsibilities of the old room. With bathrooms, things can get a little more challenging, especially if your home only has one bathroom. If you do not have access to another bathroom, you will want to ask your contractor to set up a temporary bathroom with a shower and toilet. The setup will need to be added to the overall budget; therefore, if you have the chance to use another bathroom, we highly recommend it.

Tip #4: Expect The Unexpected.

Unfortunately, construction can come with a lot of unforeseen circumstances. From delayed materials to scheduling errors, your dream bathroom could be further out than you planned. To help make sure that you are ready, we recommend having some wiggle room in your budget and schedule. Try and expect the unexpected before it happens to you.

Tip #5: Make Memories.

Sure, remodeling can be overwhelming and stressful, but only if you let it be. Try and embrace everything that this journey has to offer. Take pictures of the renovation and remember that you will have your dream bathroom soon.

We hope you enjoyed these tips. Be sure to check out our other expert advice at From The Floors Up. Thanks for reading!

3 thoughts on “Brilliant Tips for Dealing with a Bathroom Remodel

  1. I want to help my father remodel all bathroom tiles to be slip-proof so that he and his future guests can avoid injuring themselves while using the toilet or after taking a shower. When I read about how one should wait until all the materials have been delivered, that reminded me of something. Would installing decorative concrete for bathroom floors help make it slip-proof?

  2. those are great tips for someone who never did a bathroom remodel before. unexpected problems are something I’m really pissed about which delays the works unnecessarily.

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