Expert Advice on How to Install Backsplash (Part Three)

Once your tile has been installed, allow the adhesive to dry.  You may want to keep outlet covers off while grouting. Know that some sanded grout can actually remove the finishing on tiles.  You may need to invest in grout without sand for your home project.  You should also check with the manufacturer for the proper grout sealer. An appropriate sealer of grout will help prevent cracking in the grout.  It can also prevent spills from absorbing into the grout and discoloring the area.  Grout sealer is an important step to make sure your home backsplash looks perfect for years to come.


Once your tiles are set, you can remove your tile spacers.  Put on your rubber gloves when applying sanded grout.  You may need to mix your grout depending on your purchase.  Use your bucket and add water and grout to create a homogeneous mixture.  For premade grout, you are ready to go without mixture.  Once your grout is prepared, apply the grout onto tiles.  Use your grout float at a ninety-degree angle and sweep grout into the crevasses.  Next, use a wet sponge to remove excess grout from the top of tiles.  You may need to repeat this process several times.  Make sure you do not remove grout from where you want it to be while cleaning the tiles.  Now use a dampened rag to remove the remaining grout from the tile surface. This must be done before the grout hardens, so be wise with your time.  Once your grout has set, you can apply the recommended sealer.  Using a paintbrush, apply your sealer to your grout.  Allow your sealer to dry.  Most sealers do not appear glossy when applied, so read the manufactures recommended drying time.

It is best to hire a professional for this type of installation. If you do decide to install backsplash yourself, be careful and do your research. Measure all cuts before making them and have fun.  This project can be a day-long project so prepare for it.  For more tips from the floors up, visit our blog hub here

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