Investments That Will Save You $ Over Time Part II

Now that you understand the importance of investing in your home’s windows, Investments that Will Save You Over Time Pt I, it is time to understand the value of investing in your floors. About a decade ago, the flooring industry was 80 percent carpet and 20 percent hard surface flooring. Today the industry has changed, and hard surface outweighs the amount of carpet being installed. Carpet is not a bad option by any means, but hard surfaces like hardwood and luxury vinyl planking have a longer lifespan in most cases.
Hardwood flooring is a great addition for any home. Hardwood flooring will increase your home’s resale value while adding a timeless appeal to any room. This is a great long-term investment because it can be sanded and refinished time and time again. There is no surprise why hardwood floor has been popular for so long. Whether engineered or solid, both have benefits that will help improve your floors overall quality.
Luxury vinyl planking has become the hottest selling floor today. With so many realistic wood-like patterns and tile replicas, it is no wonder why a more durable floor has progressed so successfully. Vinyl planking is easy to install and highly durable. Most LVP’s on the market today are also waterproof which makes them great solutions for bathrooms and laundry rooms. Because these floors are scratch-resilient, they are long-term investments that can stay around for the life of your home.
Remember that your home is an investment and should be respected as one. When you are upgrading your home, consider what the correct way to do something not necessarily the easiest or cheapest route is. You should understand that some investments may be more up front, but a truly good investment will help save you money in the long run as well as be long lasting and more durable. Flooring and windows are usually two more costly investment to do to your home but will help with the overall aesthetic, atmosphere, and resell of your home.

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