Three Essentials to Designing a Room

Designing your space can become challenging if you have never done it before now.  Every room can come with its own obstacles and troubled areas, which may need a little more attention and a whole lot of improvement.  There are three main elements you need to consider in your design.  While many aspects go into creating your space, if you can learn to incorporate these three rules, you will be able to enhance any space: 

1. Lighting

All good atmospheres need illumination.  If a room is poorly lit, it can hurt the entire ambiance of a room.  Consider having your main lighting blanket the whole room with some sort of task lighting for more intricate areas in the room, as well as an accent light to help set the tone of the room.  You will find that dark rooms will need more lighting.  Natural lighting is vital in a room where it can be facilitated.  Focus on making every room well-lit to make it feel more open and airy. 

2. Flow

Nothing throws off the Feng Shui in a room quite like obtrusive furniture or blocked pathways.  You will want to consider the flow of your room.  The functionality should be considered with every piece of furniture and decor that is added to the space.  Less is more in most situations.  If you can keep your room feeling open, you can easily make a room feel less cluttered and more welcoming.  Consider the amount of space allotted to walkways and seating.  People have a general amount of space they desire in order to feel comfortable.  Never over furnish a room and keep the flow of the space in mind when designing.

3. Harmony

Your room should feel well balanced and have a sense of harmony.  Make sure colors in the room complement each other.  Avoid outliers or items in the room that do not go with your current theme.  Everything that is used in your space should reflect back at a central theme or reason.  Decide on a design theme and harmonize with it.  Decor should be used to enhance the space not take from it.  

With these three general rules of thumb, you can design any space.  They are very generic but essential to keep your space aesthetically pleasing as well as highly functional and welcoming.  

What do you think is most important to a room’s design?  We would love to hear from you.  Let us know below in the comment section.  For more tips, visit us at From The Floors Up. 

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