No-Remodeling-Needed Kitchen Updates

You may have decided that you want a low-key, low-cost solution for updating your kitchen. Well, look no further! With our top six tips, you can update your kitchen without the need to hire a contractor. Let’s take a look!

No-Remodeling-Needed Kitchen Updates:

1. Embrace Color.

Make a statement with a bold color choice. Kitchens provide the chance for homeowners to get creative with their design. If you are hesitant, research other homeowner’s ideas of using a bright color in their kitchens. You may be pleasantly surprised by the outcome and even be inspired to incorporate a bold color in your own home.

2. Love Neutrals.

If you are not quite ready for a bold color choice, that is entirely okay. We also love neutrals. We just encourage homeowners to veer away from an all-white kitchen. All-white kitchens tend to look out-dated and tacky. Instead, you want to be sure to incorporate other neutral-toned colors like gray! Gray helps to add sophistication back into your kitchen’s design. It is a sleek, simple color that can quickly transform your all-white space.

3. Take Two.

For a beautiful contrast on your cabinetry, we recommend using two different colors. That is right! With this gorgeous addition to your kitchen, you can add uniqueness and style into your space without going over budget.

4. Go Glossy.

Speaking of cabinetry, we are in love with glossy cabinets. They can add interest back into your kitchen without spending extra money. It is the perfect choice for homeowners on a budget!

5. Vintage Paper.

Wallpaper is back people! It can be a creative alternative to boring kitchen walls. Plus, we encourage you to use the colors found in your wallpaper throughout your space. For example, if you choose a floral design. Pull a specific color from the wallpaper and paint your cabinets with it. This will help tie everything together in the kitchen.

6. Shiny Fixtures.

Light fixtures can honestly transform an entire home. They can make a statement without taking over the whole room’s design. You can add a strip of spotlights, a chandelier or a simple overhead light fixture to take your current from drab to fab instantly.

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