Simple Yet Beautiful Bathroom Updates

No matter how much we would not like to admit it, we spend the majority of our lives in the bathroom. The cleanliness and design of a bathroom can leave a lasting impression on guests. If you feel like your bathroom’s design is falling short, fear not for updating your bathroom is not the hassle it is made out to be. To help, let us show you some simple tricks to transfer this space:

Mirror, Mirror Not ONLY on The Wall. Mirrors are great for creating the illusion of a bigger space, but consider where else you can place your mirrors. Mirrors can be used as coasters, trays, decorative pieces on shelves, etc. Mirrors have the potential to transform a space and you typically already own them. If you are not getting the use out of a mirror you already own, consider the various ways you can repurpose it. You may be pleasantly surprised by its addition to your bathroom decor.

Borrow Your Bottles. Bottles can be repurposed into stylish storage containers for your bathroom. Anytime you use a bottle, jar or glass container think about how it can be repurposed to hold items in your bathroom. You can use these containers to store your floss, q-tips, cotton swabs, and toothbrushes.

Live in Color. Plants bring life and color into any space. Add some flowers to your bathroom to help brighten up the room. Incorporating this pop of color in any of your decor pieces can make your space fresh and bright. Just be sure to keep your plants watered for maximum beauty.

Do Not Be Basic. Anyone can decorate a bathroom to be simple, but that does not necessarily express your sense of style to your guests. Let your ideas flow and elaborate on what you have envisioned for the space. Bathrooms are great spaces to try out interesting paint colors, textures, colors, and even fabrics.

Picture Perfect. Pictures never go out of style. Frame some photos from your most recent vacation or go outside and take pictures of some flowers or the landscaping. Get artsy with your phone and snap some decorative pictures for your bathroom walls. This simple hack is inexpensive and unique to your space.

Keep The Classics. Do you own any furniture that is just collecting dust in your basement? Try revamping it and using it in your bathroom. Add a fresh coat of paint or remove the doors off of an old cabinet. There are endless possibilities with recycling old furniture, and the bathroom is the perfect place to incorporate them.

We truly hope you have fun with these simple decorating tips. The best part is that they are easy and budget-friendly. If you end up not liking something, it is quick and simple to change it.

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