Tips for Understanding & Incorporating Neutral Colors

By now, we are sure that you understand the importance of colors like black and white in design. You may even be able to confidently use warm and cool tones effectively express a desired “feel.” Now you may want to know how to incorporate neutral colors in your design to compliment your space.  In fact, you will find that neutrals are great because like black and white, they will not be biased towards your room’s depiction. 


This earthy tone is often associated with being welcoming and friendly.  Using it to balance a room, gives a conservative feel.  Its genuine, organic nature makes a room feel balanced.  It is a safe solution to use in a space that is lagging stability and balance.  It is perfect to add with warm colors to create a rustic vibe or use with cooler colors to make an earthy, tranquil environment.

Beige and Tan

Beige and tan are ideal for toning down bold colors.  These colors help bring the room back to a more grounded, flexible feel.   While reliable in nature, too much of these can leave a room feeling dull so remember to include warm or cool tones to get the most out of your room.  Using these classic colors is always a safe option to help your home’s resell value in the future.


Gray is a cool-toned neutral color that helps add balance to a space. It is often considered a timeless color, and it is loved for its ability to blend well in any design. It works well with its complimenting colors: black and white, but you can also pair it with other color tone colors to create a calming, tranquil oasis.

Golds, Coppers, & Bronzes

Perhaps these prestigious colors are one of the more fun and daring neutral tones to use.  They are great because it will not lean towards warm or cool tones but can help give a room a more valuable entitlement.  More matted forms of these colors feel traditional and even historical.  This is a great way to help develop a design style in a room.  If you decide to go a more Hollywood Glam style, you can incorporate a more metallic form of these colors.  They will help make a room feel rich and classy.  These metal-based colors are fun to use and visually expand the room’s potential with a more elegant approach.

Which neutral tone is your favorite? We would love to hear your thoughts below in the comment section. Thanks for reading!

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