Bathroom Upgrades to Transform Your Space into a Spa

What makes a spa setting so relaxing? We asked ourselves this very question. We wanted to focus on creating a tranquil oasis right in our own home, but where do you begin? First, you need to figure out what key aspects make a spa so relaxing. Once we discovered the components, we were able to capitalize on features we think homeowners will love. Here are four bathroom upgrades to transform your space into a spa:

Getting Steamy

You can create your very own steam room within your shower. Steam generators can be expensive; however, there is a way to make your very own steam shower. First, you will want to have the shower glass installed all the way to the ceiling. There needs to be a vent in the ceiling above the shower, which can be opened and closed. When the vent is closed, the steam will accumulate and create the effects of a steam room.  When the vent is opened, you can create a normal showering experience. To go even further with the spa experience, we recommend adding a shower bench. It will give you a place to sit down and soak up the steam.

Let It Rain

When selecting the fixtures for the shower, consider a nice, big rain showerhead. It will provide more water for a more enjoyable shower and rinse. If you really want a spa-like feel, you may want to install body spray jets in the ceiling or walls of the shower.

Hot, Hot, Hot

Heated floors are a luxurious feature that will really make your bathroom feel like a spa. A feature like this is especially appropriate in colder climates. No matter where you live it is always nice to get out of the shower or bath and step on a beautiful, warm floor.

Warmed Up

A heated towel rod is perfect for an in-home spa. It warms your towel while you are in the shower, and let’s be honest; there is nothing better than having a warm towel to wrap yourself in after bathing.

Making these select upgrades will genuinely transform a regular bathroom into a spa-like sanctuary.

Which upgrade was your favorite? We would love to hear your thoughts below in the comment section.

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