Designers’ Industry Predictions for 2019

The New Year is here and with it, comes a season full of change and new possibilities.  Designers are always keeping a close watch on trends as they come and go.  In doing so, they find that some designs are timeless, but others are still evolving.  Being able to see where designs are heading can give you an advantage when remodeling and renovating your home.  To help you stay ahead, here are the top designer prediction for 2019:

Minimalism will never die because of its functionality and ability to contribute to resale; however, maximalism is predicted to make a powerful movement this year.  As people demand to have more and more in their lives, the size and quantity of furniture, electronics, and decor increases.  In 2019, designers predict large statement pieces featured throughout a space to create a bold, powerful statement.

Living Coral
Every year, Pantone Color announces a Color of The Year.  The color is said to be used throughout the year in marketing and design strategies.  Through its popularity and market demand, it makes this color a trendy color for the upcoming year and an excellent choice for your home’s design.  2019’s Color of The Year can be featured as a playful yet serious tone for all types of design environments. Living Coral is a lively color found in the sea that can bring us back to a relaxed state of mind in an ever-so-demanding world.

Designers believe that rooms no longer need to be considered “masculine” themed or “feminine” themed, but they can be enhanced through incorporating both styles.  The prediction this year is feminine and masculine styles are a thought of the past. In 2019, you can incorporate delicate details like lace finishes with rustic metals as your hardware to compliment both sides of the spectrum. Mix and match feminine details with masculine attributes to create a well-balanced design.

These elements are just a few of the many predictions for the design industry.  For more trends and forecasts, be sure to check out From The Floors Up.

Do you have any design predictions for 2019? We would love to hear your thoughts below in the comment section. Thanks for reading!

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