How to Eliminate Visual Obstructions in Your Design

Do you lack extra space in your home?  Space can be an essential element to how your home portrays itself, and a lack of space can make your designs feel overwhelming, disheveled, unorganized, and messy, even when everything is clean.  Learning to conquer these challenges can seem like a daunting task at first, but with some simple tricks, you can transform your home into a sleek, visually appealing design. 

The first step to creating a sleek design is to focus on your view. If your room feels clutter or chaotic, it may be due to your space and the way your furniture pieces are designed. To help you create a less visually obstructive view, we have created four tips. Let’s take a look!

Low Profile Furniture

Your furniture and decor should make a statement but not feel overly prominent in the space.  Bulky dresser and large couches can be beautiful in the right environment; however, if you feel like you are tight on space, consider eliminating your large, encumbering furniture and replace it with more sleek, low profile designs.  Low profile couches can give the illusion that your ceiling is higher than it actually is.  More compacted entertainment centers can allow for more space in your den.  Even downsizing from a king size to a queen size be may be a smart move for your space.  But remember, not all rooms are created the same.  A king sized mattress may look great in a large room, but it can be overwhelming in a smaller sized bedroom. 

Minimalist Approach

Less is more.  Free up your countertop space and eliminate excess decor for a minimalistic look.  This approach is ideal for smaller space living.  Consider everything that you bring into your home.  Everything needs to serve a purpose.  Multiple-functional furniture is perfect for saving extra space. For example, you could look for furniture that can serve as a storage solution as well as seating. This dual-purpose seating option will give you a place to store your blankets while eliminating the visual obstruction an extra basket may cause. 

Extra Lighting

Nothing opens a room better than great lighting.  Focus on how much light your room has in it and do not be afraid to add more.  Natural lighting is ideal but if it is not an option, invest in brighter light bulbs.  It can make a significant difference by switching all your light bulbs to higher-quality, brighter bulbs.  Brighter bulbs can help illuminate the room better and aid in the atmosphere feeling more open and more welcoming.


Adding mirrors to your space can also enhance the room’s light flow.  Mirrors are great for eliminating boundaries in rooms and making walls look like they go on past the surface. Rooms with no windows can use mirrors to help open up the space. They have so many different benefits that they bring to any room.  Consider adding mirrors to your small room to help open up the space.

Making your space feel less obtrusive is an art and a science.  Consider everything you bring into your home and its purpose.  It can be challenging but rewarding when you change your room to create a more open layout. 

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