No Fire? No Problem! Brilliant Fireplace Solutions

Fireplaces can be an incredible focal point to any room! If you have a fireplace in your home, get the most out of it by making it a multiple-functional piece in your home.  You may not always be in demand of needing a warm fire in your home, but that does not mean your fireplace needs to be out of commission.  On the contrary, your fireplace can make a powerful statement in your home without ever being lit.  Here are a couple of our team’s favorite decorative uses for a fireplace: 


A mini garden is a creative way to repurpose your fireplace.  You can put a decorative flower basket in there to create your own personal touch.  Another functional way to use a garden is putting herbs and spices you would like to use in the kitchen. This will give you a place to store your spices while adding to the fireplace’s aesthetic. Additionally, you can create a grand display piece by allowing your garden to be on the mantel, neatly on the outskirts of the fireplace, and inside of it as well.  Just remember to keep the space clean.  You want this to look purposeful, never forced.

Candle Lit

If you are not trying to warm your home, but you still want to use the ambiance of a fire in your home, try adding a candle display.  You can create different tiers, use different types of candles, or even incorporate a fun candle holder.  Candles can create a powerful look to the room as well as help create a fragrance if you desire.  This is an excellent trick for the spring and summer months.

Fitted Entertainment Stand

Feeling crafty? A custom-entertainment stand is perfect for storing electronics, shelving books, and displaying decor pieces.  Tailor the shelving to the demands of your home by making an astonishing entertainment piece in your room. You can keep it there seasonally or all year around! Have fun with it! 

Your fireplace can be the strength and focal point of your room even without a fire. Be creative; have fun with it! The design possibilities are truly endless. 

Have you tried any of these tricks or use your own? We would love to hear your feedback in the comment section. 

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