How to Master a Tuscan Kitchen Design

Tuscany is a region in Central Italy that is known for its breathtaking landscape, delicious food, and cultural legacy. With its mixture of earthy hues, sunny tones, and natural texture, Tuscany-inspired kitchen design has become a popular choice amongst homeowners.

The traditional colors of the Old Country, when reflected in a Tuscan inspired kitchen, make it an ideal place for cooking and creating an inviting environment for conversation. Local Tuscans love to host their guests in this cozy design that capitalizes on style and function. If you are looking to create a Tuscan-themed kitchen in your own home, keep on reading!

Colors and Materials

When working to achieve this look, you can gain inspiration from pictures of Italy. Tuscan kitchens utilize a lot of warm and earthy colors to create a homey mindset. Some colors that you would find in a typical kitchen inspired by the Old Country are Terra Cotta, Sage Green, Burgundy Red, Sea Blue, and Golden tones. The colors are typically applied in a wash effect or sponge-painting design.  In addition, you will want to embrace natural materials as well. Consider incorporating earthy materials like wood, wrought iron, and clay pottery.


Most Italian style kitchens have open cabinetry. The open cabinetry look will allow you to showcase your beautiful dishware. Traditional Tuscan style kitchens feature floating cabinetry that provides space between each other. If it is in the budget, considering upgrading your cabinetry to this open look. Be sure to choose a wood tone cabinetry such as cherry or oak for an earthy design.


Of course, the type of kitchen table that you select for your kitchen should be dependent on your personal style, but sizeable, wooden farm tables are popular in this design. Whatever type of table you choose, be sure that it features distressed wood to stay in line with the theme.

You can even get creative with the kitchen chairs. Embrace the broad color spectrum that you would find in the Old Country by purchasing chairs that have deep and rich tones such as olive green or dark red.


Typically, a Tuscan-inspired kitchen would have marble, stone, terracotta or mosaic tile; however, if you just love the look of your hardwood floors, rest assured that you do not have to switch them. Trust us; hardwood floors can be a beautiful complement to a Tuscan style kitchen.

What feature of a Tuscan Style Kitchen is your favorite? We would love to hear your thoughts below in the comment section.


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