Popular Design Styles for Your Home

Did you know that there are different styles of interior design? Maybe you are familiar with them, or perhaps you are not, but understanding the various interior design styles will help you attain your style goals. To help you get a feel for the different looks, we will address six of the most popular themes. These six classic design styles will help guide you toward achieving a flawless look. Let’s take a look! 

1. Traditional    

Holiday-Inspired Traditional Design

A traditionally styled room reflects 18th and 19th-century European homes.  They are great for people looking to decorate with antiques, and they have a classic, sophisticated comfort to them.  Classic art, antique furniture, and renaissance-inspired bookshelves help bring this timeless style full circle.     

2. Transitional  

Transitional Design

Borrowing from traditional and contemporary designs, a transitional room blends the “now” with antique finishes in a very sophisticated manner.  The room will keep the contemporary open layout with straight lines while balancing the beauty of traditional-styled furniture.  Warm woods and minimal embellishments add to this style, giving it a refreshed and harmonious feel.

3. French Country  

Traditional French Country Design

The French have perfected French Country style in their homes in Provence.  With the architecture using exposed unfinished wooden beams and cabinetry, this classic home style has a vintage countryside appeal.  Earthy tones and finely upholstered leathers can be added to this antique styled theme for the perfect finishing touch. 

4. Bohemian

Neutral Bohemian Design

Boho is an eclectic-inspired style that has a more relaxed, comfortable feel mixed with a very lively, energetic space.  This free-spirited room design will focus on warm colors but do not be afraid of adding cooler colors to give it an extra pop.  Bohemian style rooms will combine free-flowing colors and canopies to make the room more cultured.  Wall tapestries and curtains are also used to amplify the openminded atmosphere.

5. Hollywood Glam 

Hollywood Glam Inspired Throw Pillows

Hollywood Glam style incorporates rich elements of golds and bronzes to pop and give the room a catchy “larger than life” atmosphere.  This bold style also uses some rich colors to contrast hard against clean whites and ultimately gives a “poppy” appearance.  Furs, satins, velvets, and suedes are used to amplify this glamorous style.

6. Coastal 

Coastal Baby Room

Coastal borrows elements from beachside environments.  It incorporates a light color palette allowing seafoam blue, mint greens, and serener neutral colors to take center stage.  It may use distressed woods like you would find on a ship or washed woods to add to the seaside feel.  Large windows and blue and white stripes are commonly used to expand this look. 

What design style is your favorite? We would love to hear your thoughts below in the comment section.

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