Smart Space Savers for a Family (Part One)

Let’s be honest; the space in your home is precious, but it always has a limiting factor.  Getting the most out of your space is essential for functionality and design.  To help, we created this Space Saving series to help you with common household space challenges.  The more you learn how to consolidate, minimalize, and multitask items in your home, the more space you can have.  

Perhaps, your small space was working for you, but new challenges came to surface.  For example, you are living in a single-family home, you have every room occupied, and a child is on the way.  Do you move, or do you tailor your space for the expected arrival of the new family member?  To help you make the decision, we have several ideas to consider before packing up and relocating. Let’s take a look! 

Eliminate a “Want” Room

Your first step is to consider all the space used in your home.  For example, Jack and Jill have two children, both occupying bedrooms.  Jack has his own study where he can get away, check his emails, and read.  Jill has renovated the basement into her music studio.  A new child is on the way, and they must eliminate a space.    They have the option of eliminating either one of their “want” rooms to create a space for their new child. Eliminating a “want” room can be the first step of action when expecting a new family member.  

Multipurpose Room

Another idea to contemplate is combining two rooms into one.  Jack and Jill could combine both their children into one room which would free up a new space. They could also turn the study or studio into a combined space as well.  Combining rooms can sometimes create clutter; therefore, Jack and Jill should be careful when connecting their “want” rooms.

In your own life, decide if there are rooms in your home which could be shared.  Maybe your office could be moved into your master bedroom, or your home gym can be moved out of the basement into the garage.  Creating a multipurpose room is a way to prevent eliminating your “want” rooms by just consolidating them.

Not every home can accompany space demands.  We recommend assessing all options before moving. 

Do not forget to check out Part Two to see more options available for Jack and Jill.  Thanks for reading!

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