Smart Space Savers for a Family (Part Two)

As we learned in Smart Space Savers: Part One, Jack and Jill are in quite a predicament.  Their home is not big enough for an additional family member, so it is back to the drawing board before they decide if they must move. To help them make up their minds, we have two more ideas that they could use:


If space has always been an issue in your home, maybe it is time to consider adding an addition. Jack and Jill realized they did not want to combine their spaces, and it did not make sense to put Jack’s study, a place of relaxation, in the same area where Jill would be playing her music.  Their sons were not fond of the idea to share a room, so they decided to add a home addition; however, instead of making the new addition a child’s room, they choose to repurpose some rooms in the house and make the addition Jill’s music studio.  If you plan on adding an addition to your home, be sure to think outside of the box.  If you need a room for your baby, will the addition be far from your master bedroom?  Decipher what is best for your home’s addition.  Maybe switching some rooms up prior to the addition is something you should consider.

Divide The Space

An addition may not be an option, but have you ever considered division?  Larger rooms can be divided into two or more smaller spaces.  Jack and Jill decided the basement was large enough to split in half. It was a cost-friendly investment that just took some thinking outside the box.  They put up a divider to split the area and painted the new space. It was a cost-friendly solution that helped designate an area for the baby while making room for other activities. 

Not every home can accompany space demands.  Evaluate all options prior to moving.  If you have exhausted all possibilities, maybe it is time to consider the move.  Do you have any space-saving tricks that you have used in your own home? If so, please let us know below in the comment section.  Thanks for reading! 

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