Four Subtle Ways to Emphasis a Neutral Palette

The use of dazzling, vibrant hues in home decor has become increasingly popular, but if we are being honest, a neutral palette will always be a timeless choice. Neutral tones do not have to be bland; they can make a statement all on their own. For example, a black and white color scheme is daring yet easy on the eyes. If you want to add dimension and interest to a neutral color scheme, it is vital to incorporate accents and bold lines. Let’s see how:

Enticing Textures

When accenting neutrals, we often use bold colors; however, we cannot forget about an essential element of design: texture. In fact, texture is what shapes an interior. You can use this element to create a regal look or even add a playful tone. When selecting different types of textures, you will want to consider the kind of mood you are trying to set for the space. Suede and leather create an air of luxury and sophistication whereas bamboo and other types of wood lend to a relaxed tone.

Dazzling Lights

In a neutral palette, lighting is everything. Illuminate your rich, neutrals tones with adequate lighting. Strategic positioning of your light sources can be essential because you are able to enhance aspects of the room or worsen it depending on where you place them. Experts recommend incorporating layered lighting as well as natural lighting for an open and airy feel.

Glitz and Glam

Use metallic accents to enhance a neutral tone room. Shades of gold, silver, and copper can be used to make the room “pop.” The options are truly endless. From a glossy gold vase, an elegant bronze chandelier, or chic, metallic chairs, you can layer your space with your accented accessories. While you can make quite the contrast with your metallics, you want to make sure you do not overdo it because metal can be overwhelming in mass quantities.

Geometric Patterns

Besides texture and metallics, you can contrast with a variety of geometric patterns. We often design our interiors without giving much thought to lines, so many tend to stick with straight-lined decorations. When adding depth to a neutral palette, you should use different shapes. Ideas can range from a curved back chair, an oval shaped coffee table or an oddly shaped vase to add tremendous aesthetic value.

What is your favorite neutral color to use? We would love to hear below how you enhance it in your own space.


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