The Seven Elements of Interior Design | Part Three

Mastering all seven elements of interior design in your home does not need to feel like a huge obstacle.   Finding balance and harmony between all of the components is where the task can become tricky.  All of the elements should come together and create your design.  With space, lines, forms, colors, and lights, all contributing to the area, only two elements remain.  Today, we are going to show you how patterns and textures can be used in your home to add visual and physical dimension. Let’s take a look!


The repetition of a pattern demands attention.  Wallpapers, rugs, and upholstery all can bring this element of design into your home.  Use patterns to help decorate your space and tell a story.  Plus, with so many different patterns available, finding one you want in your space should never feel limiting.  Explore all the styles of patterns and allow them to complement the other designs in your room.  Try to stay consistent to bring harmony to the design.  Remember to stay simple and let the patterns do the talking. 


Your room is almost there and looking great!  Now that you have mastered the visual aspect, there is still one more element needed.  A room is never complete without texture.  Textures provide different looks and feelings to the room’s design; they can make a room feel more interactive and visually appealing.  Use visual and actual textures to make the room feel well rounded and balanced.  Visible is what you can see whereas “actual texture” quite literally “actually” interacts with the person.  Walls, ceilings, rugs, blankets, and countertops can all use this element to make the room feel better-rounded. 

When all these seven elements are combined, you can accomplish something truly remarkable.  If you already have a room decorated, go through this list and see where it lags or what may be overpowering the design.  Finding the perfect balance of all seven elements is the best way to complete your interior design.

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