Genius Ways to Sound-Proof Your Apartment

You have overheard enough conversations through your thin apartment walls. From nosey streetcars to loud neighbors, you have had it up to here with all of the noise. Fortunately, you do not need to be bothered by your noisy surroundings any longer. With our genius ways to sound-proof your apartment, you will be able to forget you even have neighbors. 

Genius Ways to Sound-Proof Your Apartment:

1. Seal Your Doors

If you are overhearing conversations from the apartment complex’s hallway, you can easily fix this with a door sweep. We recommend installing two just to be safe. You will want one on the outside of the door and one on the inside of the door. This rubber seal will help to keep drafts and noise from entering your apartment. For extra precautions, you can also seal off the door with a foam weatherstrip.

2. Absorb Noise

If you feel like that still is not enough, you can add blackout curtains over top of your doorways. The fabric will help to grab the sound waves and not let them enter into the apartment. They also work well over windows for keeping sunlight and street sound out of your apartment.

3. Block Drafts

Foam weather strips can also be used inside of your home. They will help block the drafts leading into your bedrooms and reduce the amount of noise that is spread throughout your home. They can be a perfect addition to your sound-proofing list.

4. Embrace Fabrics

Musicians understand the importance of fabrics. To help maintain unwanted sounds, you can add soft fabrics into your space and on the walls. Hanging rugs and tapestries will help to absorb more sounds.

5. Add Padding

Speaking of rugs, they can help muffle those unwanted noises. You can place rugs on hard surfaces to help absorb some of the noises that are being produced. You can even add a dense pad underneath of the rug to help remove all of the excess noises.

How do you soundproof your apartment? We would love to hear your tips and tricks below in the comment section.

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