Popular Household Technology in 2019

Technology is what keeps us moving forward and advances our lifestyle.  It is always changing and always improving.  As we enter the beginning months in 2019, more and more smart home appliances are becoming the “norm.” Integrating some of these latest gadgets and gizmos into your home can make daily tasks much simpler.  Here is the top household tech you should consider adding into your own home: 

Bluetooth Speaker 

Today, we are constantly on the move.  Our busy lives demand us to multitask and rarely sit still.  Stop using that outdated, wired radio and opt for a Bluetooth speaker.  They are a great way to allow you to bring your music where ever you go.  Whether you are outside, in the kitchen, basement, or bedroom, your portable Bluetooth speaker can keep the energy pumping without being restricted by outlets. 

Home Security 

Another problematic situation that we face this century is home security.  Arm your home with a proper security system.  Be alerted right to your smartphone when a door or window is opening on your house.  Have a passcode that only you and your family know to disarm this security system.  This technology is a proactive insurance program for you and your home’s valuable belongings as well as your family members. 

Smart Thermostats 

Is your house not being energy efficient while you are away? Smart thermostats allow your house to stop heating or cooling while you are not home.  They can adapt to your schedule and learn to heat or cool down the home shortly before your arrival.  Be more energy efficient and save yourself money by investing in a smart thermostat system. 

Voice Command Controls 

Google Home or Alexa are great smart home hubs that can use voice command to control your home.  Turn off your lights, adjust your television volume, or ask a simple question are just some of the few things you can do with these gadgets.  Have your smart devices all sync with a voice command control system for the most exceptional technology experience in your home. 

Any of these tricks can save you time or money.  Invest in some tech for your home to bring your space to the next level.  Many devices have a simple set up and are not permanent to your home.   What are your favorite home tech investments?  Be sure to comment your thoughts below and make sure to subscribe! 

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