How to Prepare for Guests | Part Two

In the first part of this series, we discussed the importance of making the guest bedroom and bathroom comfortable for your guests. Since you will be opening up your home to your out of town guests, they will have access to the entire home. Of course, the goal is to ensure that your guests feel relaxed. Below are some additional ways you can be the ultimate hostess. Let’s take a look!


We all enjoy our coffee in the morning. Earn some brownie points by setting out coffee and tea every morning during their stay. To make it more like a stay at a charming bed and breakfast, you can have everything set out on a serving tray complete with creamer and sugar to go along with their morning drink.  

Since we all have to eat, go the extra mile by stocking the refrigerator with some of your guest’s favorite snacks and bottled water. Be sure to ask your guests beforehand what type of foods that like to have as a snack. If you plan on cooking, it is best to prepare meals ahead of time. There is nothing more welcoming than having your friends arrive with a spread of their favorite foods.   


While we love our furry friends, not everyone is comfortable around animals; therefore, if you have a pet, you should try keeping them contained in one area of the house. Keep their potty mats and food bowls out of sight.   

But what if your guests are traveling with a pet? If your friends bring along their pet, you will want to make things easier for them.  Block off areas of the home that you do not want their pets to have access. Make it easy for them to walk their pet by providing them with an extra house key. 

Living Room Area 

Since you will likely be spending a lot of time entertaining in the living room, you want to make sure your guests enjoy themselves. Keep clean throws lying around so that they can cozy up with if it gets chilly.  Make sure books, magazines and movies are readily available. Even more importantly, do not forget to share the Wifi password! 

How do you prepare for guests? We would love to hear your entertaining tips below in the comment section.

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