How to Prepare for Guests | Part One

So, you have some out of town friends visiting for the weekend. No doubt, you want to them to enjoy their space. Preparing for guests involves much more than merely ensuring that they have a comfortable place to rest their head at night. In fact, you feel that your main priority is to make sure that your guests feel like they are at home and that they have a memorable experience during their stay. To help you create a guest oasis, we created a list of ideas to help give your guests a five-star hotel treatment. Let’s take a look!

Choose The Right Bedroom

Ideally, having a guest bedroom with an attached bathroom is excellent; however, if you do not have an extra bedroom that is not in use, be sure to put your guests up in an area that gives them privacy. That means you should not choose the room that is next to a busy, public area. In addition, the room you prepare for them should be close to the bathroom; that way your guests will not have to migrate through the busiest parts of the house just to get to the restroom.


The most obvious step in preparing for guests is ensuring that the guest bedroom is squeaky clean. Since this will be their home away from home for the next few days, you will want the room to be fresh and void of anyone else’s footprints. You will need to perform a deep cleaning and get rid of clutter and dust every crevice. But remember, the guest bedroom is not the only area of the room you will want to perform a deep cleaning. The entire house should be “spic and span.”

Stocking The Bathroom

You can further make your guests feel comfortable by stocking the bathroom with essentials for your guests. If your guests are using their own bathroom, you can fill the vanity with essentials such as extra toothbrushes, cotton balls, soap, and toothpaste. Travelers often forget essential items so having them on deck will relieve their frustration. Additionally, you may want to supply a few luxuries such as plush bath towels and scented lotions and bath beads.

When creating a guest’s oasis, think of the things that you need while you are away from home and put those items inside of their space. For more guest bedroom tips, be sure to check out part two here.

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