Real Solutions: Room Dividers

Open layout homes are becoming more common lately.  While the open space is great for creating an airy, free-flowing atmosphere, sometimes it is to your advantage to incorporate room dividers.  For example, studios without privacy walls have a bed technically inside of the living room. Maybe you do not own a studio and want to create more privacy in your home, but luckily, building a “privacy wall” does not mean you need to recreate the blueprints of your house.  There are several creative ways to create room dividers that can keep the open layout feel while providing a temporary or casual room division.  Here are some of our favorite room divider projects you can incorporate in your own home today. Let’s take a look!

Book Shelf

Adding a bookshelf to divide your space is an easy hack that can help create privacy.  Find a bookshelf that is accessible from both sides and turn it perpendicular to the wall.  These will not create a total barrier between the rooms but can still create a division.  Plus, it can help split rooms while allowing the open atmosphere to thrive still.

Frosted Glass

A great way to add privacy to a bedroom or bathroom area in a studio is by adding a frosted glass wall.  It still allows light to move throughout the space to feel open but can create privacy.  This is a great addition and can be a do-it-yourself project just by purchasing the glass and installing it.  You can even install rollers to allow the privacy wall to extend or contract.

Privacy Curtain

Incorporating a privacy curtain is great for bathrooms or even balconies.  Install a rail in which your curtains can hang.  Your rail does not have to be straight across but can be creative and have an arch or bend.  You also are not limited to just textile curtains.  Find a curtain style that enhances your atmosphere.  Metal mesh or wooden bead curtains are some the many different options you can consider including in your home.

Be creative in your room division.  Open layouts have many advantages and are an advantage for resell value.  Consider creating your own room divider in your home while allowing the space to stay open and spacious, and remember that these tricks are great for any size home.  For more great tricks and tips, be sure to subscribe to our email.


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