No Space? No Problem!

When designing a room, it can quickly become over-cluttered not feel “big” enough.  One of the most limiting factors in interior design is a room’s size.  Space is a luxury, hence why the larger the space, the large the price tag.  Unfortunately, we cannot all buy a home to accommodate the proportions we desire.  We can, however, change the perception of the space. To help you master your current space, we have created a must-read guide. Let’s take a look!

Portions vs. Perception 

Portions are considered the constants and the fixed floor plans.  You cannot alter the dimensions of your room easily; however, perception is our eyes’ take on space value.  Interior designers love to play with perceptions to give the illusion that a space is bigger than it actually is.  For example, hardwood flooring is usually put long ways down a hall to “perceive” the hallway as longer.  Our eyes take a 3-dimensional world and portray it to us in 2-dimensions.  Our brains then use perception tactics to convey size, height, and distance.  Stripes running horizontally on a long wall will give the make the wall seem longer and lines going vertical can make the wall appear taller. 

Lights, Glass, and Views 

Our eyes take or attracted to views.  If a wall has a picture on it, we would prefer to look at the picture rather than stare at the blank wall encompassing it. Who is not to say that a window cannot be utilized like a gorgeous portrait. When natural light comes in through windows and reflects on bright surfaces, it gives our eyes the perception that a room is bigger.  The more light in a room, the bigger it will feel.

Textures and Dark Colors 

Dark textures absorb more light and take away from the room’s size.  If you paint the whole room black, it will feel confined and smaller than if you paint the whole room white.  If a rectangular room has the long white walls and the short walls dark, it will visually create a long room and widen it.  When flipping the concept though, if the side walls are dark and the short length walls are light, the room will lengthen.  Plus, ceiling height plays a significant value in how grand a room feels.  Try keeping light colors on the ceiling to maximize the room’s height.

Multipurpose Storage 

Consider having versatile storage/furniture in your room.  Perhaps a coffee table that doubles up as a storage compartment or seat with storage under the cushion.  It will allow you to keep everything in the room the is needed to keep the room functional without eliminating space.  Decluttering an area is the easiest and fastest way to make a room feel bigger! 

Do not feel limited by your space but understand how to give off the perception that your space is open and welcoming. Thanks for reading!

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