Exploring Art Deco Design

There are so many wonderful design styles that you can incorporate in your home. If you are looking for a highly-glamourous atmosphere, Art Deco may be precisely what you want. This fabulous style was created during the roaring ’20s and is still incorporated in cars, fashion, and interior design. Art Deco combines geometrical patterns, metallic finishes, and bold colors to create a dramatic atmosphere. We put together some of the key elements you should facilitate in your design to achieve this opulent style!

Geometrical Patterns

Art Deco was intended to be expressive using geometrical patterns. Art Deco uses very straight lines and shapes without getting into intricate patterns. It gives the atmosphere a distinct and easily identifiable look. Flooring and wall art will easily help enhance this in the room. You can add more through textiles like area rugs, curtains, and throw pillows. Remember, luxury is key.

Daring and Bold

Do not be afraid to go bold and big. Mirrors are extremely useful in this design theme. You can also add metallic finishes into your décor and theme for extra flair. You can include a bold color to make a strong statement. While this style is rooted in the 1920s and 1930s, it has a unique contemporary feel. It is bold and was striving to be cutting edge in design during its time. Art Deco is a class of retro and contemporary with large visual luxuries incorporated in every part of the room.

How you decorate and furnish your room is going to complete the style. Do not miss this crucial element: its large, rich décor accentuates Art Deco. Think visual drama. You are trying to create visual interest with your pieces. Let them become focal points and easy to draw one’s attention. Décor should be big and bold. Make a striking statement with metallic trimmed furnishings, hard contrasts of black and whites, and elegant fabrics.

Art Deco’s versatility allows many colors and fabrics can help create this room. From neutrals to vibrant colors and crisp white and blacks to metallic accents, you can create an eclectic, yet glitzy design. Remember your geometrical patterns to sculpt your design. Incorporating these elements is essential to make your design easily identified. While Art Deco is nearly a hundred years old, it is still making a fresh new statement in many rooms today.

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