How to Pick The Perfect Paint Color

The color of a room can completely change are aesthetics and mood.  The color in a room is the first visual given when entering a room. Picking the perfect paint for your space can be quite a task.  There are many variables to give weight to before jumping into this task.  Here are five important topics to ponder before choosing the color right for your space.

1. Lighting 

2. Existing Furniture 

3. Windows and Other Views 

4. Room Dimensions 

5. Express Yourself


Carpeting, generally, looks lighter when applied from a small sample to the entire floor. Typically, this concept is opposite with paints, whereas they can feel much darker when taken from a small area and applied to the entire wall. Lighting plays a huge factor in how we perceive colors. How a paint swatch looks in a store’s fluorescent lights may appear entirely different in a dimly lit den. Make sure to test your paint in different areas of the room before applying it in the entire room. In doing so, you can give yourself a better understanding of how the color will look in different areas, lighting, and times of the day.

Existing Furniture 

Unless you are planning on buying new furniture to remodel a room, we suggest you find colors that complement your pre-existing furniture. If your furniture is rustic, you may not want to do a bright, bold wall; however, a bold wall may look beautiful in a game room that already features decor pieces in that shade. Remember to let your furniture help decide the theme and where your room is going to go.

Windows and Other Views 

What you can see from the room can play a role in the design. If you are on a lake, an aquatic theme may be a great way to bring that beautiful oasis indoors. Also, consider what you can see from focal points in the room. Try to make your rooms flow into one another. If you can see a bright orange room, you may want to be cautious about what color you put on the wall running into that room.

Room Dimensions  

The size of your room can play a role in paint color as well! Like lighting, the size of your room can give the room a cozy size or a grand gathering room. Decide what color complements the size of your room and whether it amplifies the Feng Shui.

Express Yourself 

Pick colors you will enjoy. You have colors in your life every day that will make you happy. If you wear pink every day because it makes you happy, maybe you will want to make one of your rooms pink. If you feel bold wearing red, maybe a black and white space with a red accent will help express you. This is the most crucial part of your room design. Make sure it makes you happy!

Picking the right paint color can be challenging, but it is a great way to change a room feel. Make sure to consider how the lighting and existing furniture will look against your paint. We suggest you take the paint swatch home and compare it to your furniture and lighting. Make sure it feels good with the room size and the atmosphere around it. Most importantly make sure it is what you want! A freshly painted room should make you feel excited and happy when entering and be confident with your choice.

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