What Does Your Design Style Say About You? | Part One

Designing your home should feel fun; after all, your home is a direct reflection of you. You can tailor your home to express yourself through many different applications. Different design styles are typically used as a blueprint when creating your space. Your interior design can also say a lot about you. While many factors play a role, general design themes are typically picked to express certain elements more than others. Here are several of the most traditionally used themes in homes and what they can imply about you:


Simplicity is key in Rustic Design; it is construed through a mixture of earthy tones, natural elements, and a welcoming atmosphere. Rustic Design is excellent for people looking to make a simpler approach to design. You do not need fancy gadgets or gizmos; nature has all you need for an aesthetically-pleasing environment. You even enjoy the character that woods can bring your home, you appreciate the stability a well-built handmade table provides, and you enjoy your company and your company enjoys you. Your home is made with a country-side, southern comfort in mind. You created a cozy atmosphere not only for yourself but for others to enjoy as well. Who needs television when you can sit by the fireplace with your favorite robe on and read a book?


You were meant for the sea! Nautical Design is a direct reflection of the beauties the ocean and shorelines have to offer. You either live near the water or dream of it regularly. You cannot get enough of this sapphire oasis, so you brought its treasures indoors. Blue and white are great for creating your atmosphere. You find the waters calming and relaxing and desire that in your home. Your dream vacation would be on a cruise or beach rather than mountain climbing or in the desert.


Everything is beautiful in its own way, and you appreciate all of the designs. Friends would say you are creative, fun, and energetic. Not one element does not have a place to shine in your home. Your artsy style allows you to find harmony between d├ęcor that usually compels one another. You have an act for creativity and see what others do not. This style is extremely reflective of you. You have a broad range of appreciation and want to share it with the world. You are willing to try all different foods, music, styles, and ideas. Open-mindedness is key to your life.

All designs can suggest different influences. Maybe some of these describe you, someone, that you know, or a business. Analyzing yourself can allow you to tailor the perfect style to you. Maybe one style stands out to you more than others? Recognize your interest and let them impact your design style. Make sure to check out the rest of our series for more insights.

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