What Does Your Design Theme Say About You? | Part Three

Your design can be used to express you. Every aspect and element in your home has the opportunity to contribute to representing yourself. Different design styles have unique attributes which characterize your environment. Learning which design style has the most impactful meaning to you can help you choose the right style for your household. To help, we explored some of the most common design stylings in homes today and took a look at what they have to offer. Let’s take a look!


You find that open layouts and crisp lines are perfect in your home. You enjoy a clean and crisp atmosphere. Sharp furniture lines and sleek d├ęcor help perfect your rooms. You care about how you look and take pride in your clothing. Your car, office space, and life are organized everywhere. Like minimalism, your house is welcoming to others because you keep it immaculate year-round.


European style can be a mix of Mediterranean, Tuscan, French, Italian, or Spanish Design. You enjoy the art and effort made in these designs. Your home is a reflection of the many beauties these designs have to offer. You are a professional trend-spotter while your home has effortless sophistication in every room. Your clothing and home stylings are tactfully pristine with refreshing, unique character and design.

Shabby Chic

Your home is a soft, elegant wonderland. Shabby Chic is an eclectic style implementing antique and distressed furniture while allowing pastel colors to liven up the room, and floral designs add a feminine accent throughout your atmosphere. You enjoy gently worn and distressed furniture. The harmony between elegance and distressed furnishings can create something truly unique and beautiful. You respect vintage and love a pretty home. A lot of thought went into your design, and you do not mind showcasing it.

If you missed Part One or Part Two of the series, be sure to click on their corresponding names to view all of the various design styles and their meanings. Also, be sure to check back next week, where we will feature Part Four. Thanks for reading!

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