What Does Your Design Theme Say About You? | Part Two

There are many design themes used today throughout commercial and residential spaces. Colors, styles, and stylistic elements all play a crucial rule in design. We explored the most common design themes and develop this series on what design can say about a homeowner. Knowing why the design was chosen can help you better understand which is most suitable for you. Let’s take a look at Part Two of the series!


Someone, who loves Contemporary Design is always asking, “What are the latest trends?” Contemporary Design is composed of the latest trends and styles in the design industry. It is great for people always wanting to be ever-changing like the world. You know all the latest gossip, news, what is hot, and what is not. You are ahead of the rest and always have the newest gear. Trending floors, wallpapers, patterns, and technology all are welcome in your household. You embrace change because you have a passion for exploring. “New” never intimidates you but is welcomed by you. In fact, it is sought after by you.


Less is more. Minimalistic Design is built off simplicity being elegant and stylish and does not need heavy décor. Everything that is in sight was carefully considered. No one item was there by accident. It is not only a style, but it has become a lifestyle. You know where everything is in your home. You are very proactive in keeping your home immaculate. You take pride in your home and enjoy showing it to others. You do not store or duplicate anything. You would rather have no décor than one meaningless piece.


Rebel against the norm. Bohemian style is considered unconventional and influenced by free-spirits. This unorthodox style may be offbeat to others but makes sense to you. You enjoy life and nature. Your home is highly influenced by music and art. You consider your décor part of a spiritual pursuit, and you are one with your home. You are open minded to new things and do not to focus on materialism. Social status means nothing when you have discovered your own sense of happiness.

Which design style best represents you? Do you mix two or more style to create your own? Exploring different styles and seeing what you like will help you improve your home. Check out more of our design series to see what your design says about you.

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