What is Engineered Tile?

What is engineered tile? You have probably heard of it before, but are unsure how it differs from traditional tile. To help expand on the topic, we dove deeper into discussing what it is and why you should choose it.

What is it? 

You may be wondering how engineered tile differs from traditional tile. What exactly is the difference? Engineered tile is built on a stone composite base to help deliver it with incredible durability and resilience. This tile differs from your traditional ceramic and porcelain tile options because of its strength. 

Why choose it? 

	1. Stylish. 	

Engineered tile comes in a wide selection of designs that have been inspired by elements found in nature. You can find anything from a wood-like finish to classic tile. If you choose a class tile look, you can have your engineered tile installed with grout to create a more authentic look. Otherwise, you have the option to work without grout for a more seamless and aesthetically-pleasing look.

	2. Durable.

Like we mentioned before, the resilience found in engineered tile is outstanding. If you were to drop something hard on your traditional tile floors, you would often find a crack. With engineered tile, you will find a more resilient and durable flooring that can handle drops and accidents. This attribute helps to make engineered tile a greater investment. Plus, if damage were to occur in your engineered tile, it is easier to replace than traditional tile. 

	3. Comfort. 

You will find that traditional tile floors are often hard and cold. It can feel uncomfortable to stand on for hours at end, especially in kitchens when prepping meals. With engineered tile, you can receive the natural tile look with more warmth and comfort. Engineered tile offers a softer underfoot to help your feet feel at ease during meal preparation.

	4. Quick Installation.

You will find that engineered tile comes with a fast and easy installation process. Helping to make your remodel process go by faster for more enjoyment.

	5. Easy-to-Maintain. 

With engineered tile, you are guaranteed an easy to clean and maintain flooring option. Plus, this flooring is extremely resistant to stains and scratches helping to make accidents less tragic.

	6. Versatile. 

Amongst the vast selection of styles, engineered tile can be installed on your walls for a transitional look in bathrooms and kitchens. 

 7. Long-Lasting. 

Engineered tile is long-lasting with high performance and beautiful features. It truly is an incredibly flooring choice for your home.

What are your thoughts on engineered tile? We would love to hear your thoughts below in the comment section.

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