What to Do When Your Basement Floods

Your basement has recently flooded; what a daunting nightmare! Nothing is more disheartening than a basement flood. They can be unpredictable, detrimental, and expensive. Natural disasters can show no mercy and wreak havoc on your homes. While you go through your insurance company, it may take days before they can attend the situation. Letting that water sit is a productive environment for bacteria to grow. To prevent further damage, you need to make some proactive steps in the meantime. But what are they? Luckily, this is not our first rodeo, so we put together our top tips on what to do when your basement floods.


Your initial instinct is to grab your belongings. If the flood has not got them yet, go ahead and grab them. However, you need to begin documentation for your claim. You need to recognize all areas in your home that were affected. Check the drywall and foundation, flooring, electrical, and plumbing. Take pictures, videos and write down anything you need about the damage.


After you have finished your pictures, salvage everything you can. You may want to prioritize your electronics to prevent electrical currents. Grab everything that was not damaged and move it into a safe area of the home. If anything may be destroyed, take pictures. You need to act with haste; woods cannot sit in water for long at all. Dry your belongings when they are safely removed from the environment.


Time to get rid of all your damaged property. Carpet and fabrics can introduce homes for unwanted bacteria. Cut your carpet into small one to three-foot runners to remove. Wet carpet is extremely heavy, so you may need to make smaller runners. Next, repeat the process with your padding. If your couch or other fabric materials are soaked, remove them from your home. It can harvest microbes and put you at risk for becoming sick.

Insurance Claim

Now, you need to make your insurance claim. You will probably need your homeowners’ policy, personal identification, and proof of ownership papers. Decide what insurance policy you need. A natural disaster can be filed through the federal government or private insurance, whereas broke pipes are homeowner’s insurance claims.

Before attacking any of these procedures, ensure it is safe to maneuver through your home. Water can jeopardize structural integrity. If you have any concerns, do not attempt these tasks. For more advise, contact your insurance company today.

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