How to Capture “Zen” in Your Design

Zen is more than the feeling tranquility and peacefulness. Today, we often find that chaos is the “norm.” Our hectic lives demand more from us than ever. The traditional work weeks have been growing longer and our personal time slowly dwindles away to mere nothingness, and we tend to get caught up indulging in the illusory aspects of the world but fail to enjoy the moment. Creating a relaxing environment in your home is one thing. Zen is wisdom that the cosmos is a harmonious system.


Let’s be honest; clutter equals chaos; therefore, you should eliminate what you do not need. It may seem like stressful at first but eliminating clutter and letting go of attachments will be revitalizing. An open space will feel refreshing without the heavy burden of clutter weighing down the room. Additionally, you will want to stick to a neutral color space. Colors can have psychological influences on the environment, and a neutral space will keep the mind from wandering.

Natural Elements

To achieve Zen, you will want to add natural elements to your room. Running water can be used to help alleviate stress. Water has a mesmerizing effect; perhaps, you would like to try having a fountain or even a fish tank with running water in your room. You can also use essential oils in a diffuser to give your space a peaceful scent like eucalyptus or lavender. Bamboo plants, rocks, and hardwood floors can all be influential on your space. Plus, you can even incorporate some of the elements of Feng Shui. Even natural light can help calm the room. All of these natural elements can be utilized to create Zen.

Spot to Reflect

Whether you choose to meditate, pray, or just unwind sometime during your day, your room should offer a spot to reflect. Self-reflection and time of solitude can help you gather your thoughts. You can have time to eliminate the stresses of the world and focus on yourself. You may want a chair, yoga mat, or stool in the room–just remember that this spot is essential to achieving proper Zen.

What are the properties of Zen most essential to your life? Acquiring true peace is more than having a tranquil environment. True Zen is a lifestyle; not getting worked up about the little things and the pursuit for knowledge. Do not end your journey of peace by just adding a couple of things to your room. Remember to reflect, unwind, and absorb knowledge daily.

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